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5 Things to Stop Waiting For to Have the Success You Want in Business and Life

I had taken a short break from blogging after that stirring Friday incident in Prague which I blogged about in my last post. I felt that I needed to get myself back to center, and so in a gentle manner, I allowed myself the space to be imperfect with a goal I’d wanted to upkeep – to write a blog post each week.

And it wasn’t just about the Prague incident. At the same time, two other things were happening in my personal life and in my business.

The first was a chance at reconnecting back again with a very dear friend of mine, whose friendship I’ve had to let go because of circumstances.

The second was a chance at upleveling my business and journey across the Atlantic to train with my business coach and mentor, Christine Kane.


How To Let Go of Fear so that You Become More Resilient, More Productive and More Open-Minded


What can I say? The beginning of the week saw me disheartened and disappointed in this land I have come to love and now call home. And I cried.

I cried for injustice being dealt by a few ignorant people in power.

I cried for ignorance still prevalent today in an era where information is accessible just a few swipes away on the palm of our hands.

It was clear that what was at play was to drive fear into the hearts and minds of the everyday person watching the news. You, and me.

Fear manifests itself over a spectrum of emotions. Unease. Worry. Anxiety. Distress. Indifference. Contempt. Hostility. Disgust. Hatred.

When you fear something, will you go towards it, or move away from it?


Why Most People Never Reach Their Dreams

After living in a 4-season climate for 5 years, I have become accustomed to what they call an April weather.

The day started off rather warm when I went out to do some errands. Come noon, the temperature dropped, the skies darkened, and the rain started pouring.

Don’t you just wanna sleep when that happens? Alas, I gotta write.

So, in light of the dreamy atmosphere, I choose today to wax lyrical about just that.


In reality, “dreams” is just a romanticised word for “aspirations”.

All of us have dreams. We all aspire to do something great.

But where within us do aspirations come from? And why do some people seem to just reach their dreams, while others don’t?


There is No Failure… How To Turn Every Failure Into Triumph

I have been working with my private client and good friend Emily for about a year.

Last evening I was out to dinner with her and listened as she excitedly told me about a new job offer from a prestigious employer, a move to the capital city, and all the prospects that the new beginning will bring.

I got to know Emily at a time when she was going through a failing situation. Emily has since evolved to become a stronger, more independent person – a transformation I have found joy in witnessing.

Later that night, I began to contemplate on this concept we call failure. You and I have most certainly known what it’s like to fail.

At the best, a small failure is but an annoyance. At the worst, a big failure can be excruciating and can make you feel like the world has ended.

A significant relationship that ended in separation. A major business venture that fell and left you deep in dept. Or an important competition you didn’t win.

Well, the world didn’t end, and you realise that you are still alive. You have to go on, somehow.

So, how do you dust off the bruised ego and shame you felt of having failed, and go on? More importantly, how do you take what’s been given to you – a failure – and use it to fuel your success?

My mind began to wander to a phenomenon governed by the laws of physics.


5 Lessons the Bee Can Teach You About Business

Last weekend, I saw a talk that led me to contemplate on the bee.

Bees hold reverence in my culture. Being the only insect that gives us wholesome food with tremendous healing properties, its significance has been mentioned in various sacred texts, endearing it to many across different religions and cultures.

As an on-purpose entrepreneur, surely we can’t discount the importance of learning from the producers of a product so revered to by the world. If you studied enough about bees, you can learn a great deal from them and how you can apply that in the way you do business.


Dreaming of Success? The One Secret to Success You May Not Know About (and Why Not Knowing Keeps You Dangerously Stuck)

Imagine this.

Sarah is in a café with her best girlfriends. While chattering away, one of the girls began complaining about her husband.

“Can you believe what he did?”

Soon, all of her girlfriends are pitching in to the conversation about the shortcomings of their husbands.

“He SHOULD have done this instead. Y’all agree, right?”

Inevitably, Sarah joins in, too.

“You are SO right. Mine does it ALL the time!”

Hey, no harm in small complaints, right? After all, we all need to vent, and who better than with our girlfriends? It’s all done in the spirit of camaraderie, right?

Well, the story didn’t end just yet.

Sarah goes home. She sees her husband.

In the state of mind of having just vented out her husband’s shortcomings to her best pals, she now wonders why she married him in the first place. She wonders why her marriage isn’t as successful as she had dreamed of it the day she got married to the man she was once so passionate for.

Do you see yourself somewhere in this scenario, with someone, or even something, in your life?